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AGIP DICREA SX meet the requirements of the following specifications or classifications:

  • DIN 51506 VDL
  • Thanks to the special synthetic base and the carefully balanced additive package, the oil- change interval in rotary compressors with AGIP DICREA SX products is three to four times longer than that typical of mineral oils, so servicing requirements are greatly reduced.
  • These lubricants are very stable at high temperatures, thus limiting the formation of damaging carbon deposits in the hot parts of reciprocating compressors.
  • The anticorrosive properties  of AGIP DICREA SX products ensure that lubricated components are well protected from rust,  as demonstrated by  the excellent results obtained with ASTM D 665 B.
  • The oils are also endowed with antiwear properties, so as to limit wear on compressor parts subjected to sliding action; this characteristic is particularly effective in the oil pick-up units of screw compressors.
  • The products are compatible with the types of rubber normally used in air compressors.