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AGIP SINT EVOLUTION meet or exceed the requirements of the following specifications :

  • API Service SL/CF
  • ACEA A3, B3, B4
  • MB 229.3
  • BMW LongLife 01 (SAE 5W-40)
  • OPEL diesel (GM LL-B-025) SAE (5W-40)
  • VW 502.00+505.00
  • Maserati (5W-40)
  • Specially selected synthetic base stocks and additives ensure that AGIP SINT EVOLUTION maintains ideal viscosity under a wide range of conditions, reducing friction, fuel consumption and therefore noxious emissions.
  • AGIP SINT EVOLUTION’s synthetic bases decrease volatility which diminish oil consumption thus reducing emissions from unburned oil in exhaust, evaporation and oil leaking into the combustion chamber.
  • Synthetic components increase adhesion of a  film of oil to metal parts even the engine has been standing for long periods, ensuring easy starting and greatly reducing wear in the critical first phases of ignition.
  • Synthetic and other components maintain  their viscosity and lubricity even under gruelling driving conditions, giving AGIP SINT EVOLUTION its unique anti-wear properties, ensuring long life for all moving parts and substantially reducing the need for engine servicing and overhauls. 
  • Both road and laboratory tests show that this fully synthetic oil provides the ideal combination of viscosity, lubricity, volatility and detergency to ensure that maximum protection is afforded the engine, while friction and oil loss are kept to a minimum. 
  • In road tests, AGIP SINT EVOLUTION reduced overall fleet oil consumption, and provided excellent engine protection under all types of real driving conditions. 
  • The unique synthetic base stocks used in this oil provide increased detergency, keeping engines free of sludge, varnish and other harmful substances.