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  • AGIP PUNICA 570 has sufficient reserve alkalinity to efficiently prevent acidic corrosion ofliners even when high-sulphur fuels are used.
  • The rapid rate of reaction of the alkaline additives employed guarantees quick neutralization of acid mists resulting from oxidation of the sulphur in the fuel, thus minimizing corrosion.
  • The high thermal stability of the product ensures optimum lubrication even in the largest bore engines operating at the highest mean effective pressures.
  • The very high detergent-dispersant characteristics prevent carbon deposits forming in the piston-ring grooves, so the rings remain free even with low-quality fuel oils.
  • The strong lubricating film ensures minimum ring and liner wear thus reducing engine servicing requirements.
  • The low surface tension of the product facilitates its distribution inside the liner, further reducing chemical and mechanical wear.