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  1. AGIP F.1 SUPER MOTOROIL has an extremely high Viscosity Index which keeps it freeflowing when cold and maintains high viscosity when hot. The same grade of lubricant can therefore be used in all seasons.
  2. Its superior detergent-dispersant properties effectively minimize the formation of lacquer and varnish, as well as other deposits, definitely avoiding the formation of the so called “black sludge”.
  3. AGIP F.1 SUPER MOTOROIL is highly resistant to deterioration especially that caused by oxidation due to prolonged high-temperature operation in the presence of air and other agents.
  4. It has special anticorrosion properties which afford effective protection against corrosion by combustion moisture and acids.
  5. Its antiwear properties ensure long life for all moving parts, substantially reducing the need for engine servicing and overhauls.
  6. Its antifoam properties prevent the formation of air bubbles which could affect lubricant film continuity.
  7. Its special formulation ensures superior performance without the need for a high percentage of organo-metallic additives. This reduces combustion chamber deposits, thus lessening the danger of preignition, while effectively containing the rise in the octane requirement after prolonged engine operation