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AGIP SUPER MOTOROIL GPX meets requirements of the following service and  specifications :

  •  API SL/CG-4/CF
  •  ACEA E2
  •  ACEA A3, B3, B4
  •  Mercedes Benz 228.2/228.3/229.1
  •  MAN 271
  •  Volvo VDS
  •  MTU DDC Type 2
  •  Mack EO-L


  • The superior quality of the base stock used and the large percentage of additives adopted permit very long life between oil drains. Some manufacturers allow doubling of the normal-oil service periods when AGIP SUPER MOTOROIL GPX is used under certain service conditions in their engines.
  • AGIP SUPER MOTOROIL GPX contains ashless dispersant, zinc dithiophosphate, metallic detergent and antioxidant to provide deposit, oil oxidation, wear and rust control in gasoline engines.  So, it will give the  best of optimum balancing between engine performance (speed and traction) and oil in life time service.
  • These results also into exceptional engine wear protection.  Protects against loss of engine performance caused by “blow by” or excessive wear parts.  Extend time between rebuilds, increase resale value.
  • Proven bore polish wear protection through OEMs and ACEA tests; outstanding engine ring and liner, valve train and bearing wear resistance.  This minimizes down time, reduces operation and maintenance costs and allows better performance through engine life.
  • The product exhibits marked resistance to deterioration, especially from oxidation which can be caused by prolonged high temperature operation in the presence of air and other agents.