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  • API Service SG/ CD
  • DC p227
  • MIL-L-46152B
  • MIL-L-2104C

AGIP SUPER MOTOROIL is resistant to deterioration especially that caused by oxidation due to prolonged high temperature operation in the presence of air and other agents.

  • AGIP SUPER MOTOROIL’s extremely high Viscosity Index, which keeps it free-flowing when cold, and maintains high viscosity when hot. The same grade of lubricant can therefore be used in all seasons.
  • Its anti-wear properties ensure long life for all moving parts and substantially reduce the need for engine servicing and overhauls.
  • Its anti-foam properties prevent the formation of air bubbles in the oil which could adversely affect lubricant film continuity.
  • It’s anti-corrosion properties which afford effective protection against corrosion by combustion moisture and acids.
  • Its good detergent-dispersant properties effectively minimize the formation of lacquer, varnish, as well as sludge and other deposits.
  • AGIP SUPER MOTOROIL thus help prevent ring sticking, keeps piston clean and maintains deposits in suspension.